5 Tips to Ensure a Perfect Balance Between Work Life and Home Life

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3 min readFeb 20, 2023

Fortunately, the work-from-home setup has been overwhelmingly successful. It gives you greater flexibility in your schedule and fewer distractions which leads to a better job performance. You can be way more comfortable working with pajamas on, spend less money, and ditch the time-consuming commute hours. Name it!

Experts say that remote work is here to stay and will increase into 2023. This is good news to many because more and more employees prefer working from home.

You can have lots of advantages, but what about your wellness when working from home? How will you take care of your physical, emotional and mental health?

Here are 5 top tips on how to remain productive while also ensuring a perfect balance between work life and home life:

Maintain your morning routine

Making and maintaining a morning routine is key to starting your workday. Keep a routine by waking up at the same time, showering and getting dressed as if you’re going into the office every morning. By simply getting ready, you’ll be in a better mindset to start your day. If you stay in your pajamas while working from home — as devilishly tempting as it is, you may end up feeling unmotivated to get your work done. Stick to your daily schedule and don’t forget to set aside time for lunch and breaks for a productive day.

Set up a home office

Your home workspace needs to be somewhere you feel separated from the distractions of your non-working life. Ideally, your workspace should have a door to shut out unwanted noise. If you work on a laptop, it might be a good idea to invest in a second monitor for your computer. Having two screens doubles your virtual workspace and lets you perform many tasks more efficiently. It’s also essential for your home workspace to have natural light. Natural light boosts your body’s vitamin D storage and is good for your mental health and productivity.

Stay connected with your colleagues

When you’re home all day by yourself, you’re missing out on face-to-face interaction with colleagues, which not only builds relationships but is also good for your mental health. Set aside time for check-ins with your workmates individually and as a team for both work and social calls.. Take advantage of video during meetings as often as you can by using a video chat service like Microsoft Teams.

Get up and move

When your office is just down the hall from your bedroom, it’s even more important to get up and move around during the workday. Scheduling time between meetings for standing, stretching and walking around will increase your energy, clear your mind, and is good for your health! Yoga and meditation are excellent examples, and we just so happen to have our very own in-house Yogabee here at New Zealand Computing Solutions — hit us up and we’re sure we can pass your details on!

Disconnect at the end of the day

The same way you planned for the start of your day, plan for the end of the day. To prevent working hours from blurring together, set a reminder in your calendar that it’s time to log off your laptop to maintain balance.

Ensuring a perfect balance between work life and home life could be difficult even for those who are used to it. Be kind to yourself.



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