6 Signs of Employment Scams and How to Avoid Them

Employment scams are on the rise. Scammers take advantage of serious job seekers who are in need of income for their basic needs and future. If you are seeking a job or you know someone who is seeking a job, this blog is perfect for you.

See these guidelines to prevent a potential scam.

Red flags of job scams:

A “recruiter” contacts you and says he saw your resume online saying you are a perfect fit for the position. He calls you up and offers a guaranteed job. Before questioning yourself about how lucky you are, do your research. It’s likely a scam.

2. Too good to be true

3. Unclear Job Description

The job offer is easy to do but pays very well. And if you ask questions, they will either ignore your questions or answer you something like, “Don’t worry, we’ll train you”.

4. Grammatical mistakes

5. No contact information included

Having no company address or a street address is a red flag. They can hide their identity this way. A legitimate email includes email address, company address, phone number, website, and their different social media platforms. Legitimate companies will allow you to contact them in any convenient ways.

6. Asking for payment or sensitive information

Watch out for the immediate job offers! They want you to share your info or pay something before anything else.

Things You Can Do:

Do online search

Search by typing “company name review/scam/compliant” and you might find out if they have scammed other people before.

Do not pay and give your information

Be smart

If you believe that you or someone has been scammed, we encourage you to report the incident.

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