Website Myths: 4 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Website

If you are someone who’s planning to build a website, here are the 4 website myths worth knowing before building a website

So, you want a website in order to increase your sales, to drive traffic & get more customers, right?

Yes, you can really boost your sales, drive traffic, and get a lot of customers with a well-thought-out website. Do your research so you can tell the facts from the myths.

There are some website owners who are still wondering why they aren’t getting enough sales & traffic because most probably, they believe in some myths about having a website.

You’re lucky enough to read this blog before building your website in order to be a successful website owner. So, without further ado, here are the 4 things you need to know before building a website:

This is where most business owners mess up after building a website. Websites are like cars that need to be maintained.

Let’s say you bought a brand new car 2 years ago and you have been using it almost every day. You reached 15,000 kilometers but the manufacturer recommended you to change oil when you reached 10,000 kilometers (not to mention tires, fluids, lights, windshield wipers, etc).

If you go too long without changing your oil, your car will start to have lots of problems, major breakdown & unexpected high cost repair bills. This could be avoided if you are focused on the maintenance of your car.

In the website, the maintenance includes protecting your site from viruses, renewing domain registration on time, upgrading its design and updating content to increase conversion. And that’s the next thing you need to know. The myth about good design.

Yes, a good website design can catch the attention of some people, but the design itself will not boost your sales. You can catch their attention, but sometimes you can’t convert them into customers. Again, the quality of your products or services and solving a problem is what matters most.

You can’t hide a bad product or service behind a good-looking website. A good design won’t save your reputation.

No wonder if you’ll see sales increase if you put a good website design together with your quality products and services.

A lot of people have this misconception that once they launch a website, people will come and drive traffic right away. They believe that because they have invested time and money in building their website, they should normally see immediate results.

Focus on things that will help you drive traffic to your website. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, paid ads and building links.

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It might take you time to find out what strategy works best for you. Once you have found out what it is, you’ll be killing it!

Nothing is instant. Success is a process — not overnight.

The thought of getting anything that is free is tempting, right? Feels like you have got a jackpot and saved a lot of money.

Free products & services always have a catch as it is an advertising ploy. Free websites lack customization, have poor search engine optimization (SEO), are prone to cyber attacks, and have hidden costs!

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You should hire professionals if you want to build a professional website that will help you improve your business. Professional web developers and designers have the right knowledge in building a website that works well for you. So, start building your website now!

If you know more website myths, send us a message and we’ll do fact-checking for you!

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